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    Quote Originally Posted by the_flood502
    Because it wont fit in ^^


    (not the real reason...but still)

    I think it's because the monochrome games are 8-bit and the DS and GBA are 32-bit and 16-bit... maybe... i don't know... feel free to correct me... hell i'm probably wrong lol.


    That's not really it, there's a Gameboy/Color-specific processor that Nintendo included in the Advance but not the DS, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo omitted the ability to play Color and Original Gameboy games on the DS just for the sleekness.

    Back on the topic of shooters. Yea, there are a bunch of great, unique
    shooters out there, as you said. But then the rest is filled in with WWII shooters and sports games. I'm only exagerating slightly, seriously. I see a lack of originality in most shooters on the Xbox 360.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgymanc
    Wikipedia provides a full list of Virtual Console games for North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.
    Thanks for that. A few games missing that I was expecting though.
    Tetris DS- 873843 320232
    Pokemon Pearl- 2148 4722 0731
    PM me if you add me in either.

    If you need any help on playing either of these two games competitively just drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I'll rate your team for you as well (not Tetris lol), but make sure it has EVs, natures, items and descriptions.
    I'll also help with almost any other DS game including MKDS, DKRDS, MPH, CoD4MW, EBA. Note: I say competitive alot and I like to win lol.

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