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    trading in is also a rip off there. dont expect a ton of cash to be flung your way. if you didnt buy it int he first place and you trade it in then thats one thing but if you bought it for 50$ and they give you a 10$ credit? then thats bullsh*t lol

    i just keep on to them if i bought them. if i didnt, its being traded in

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Loose_Cannon
    oh heck yeah eb games is a rip off compaired to ebay...infact everything is a rip off when you compare it to that site! some of my best deals come from that site. im looking to buy virtua cop 1 and 2 with the light guns for my sega saturn and (thanks to dark prinny) he helped me find some GREAT deals!

    im deffinitly going to ebay like crazy i think next week when i get paid again (i spent my extra money already! doh!!) and go used game/new game crazy.

    Ah yes the mighty ebay lol.
    yeah u just want to make sure that knowing your chances you wont get scammed w/e.
    but yeah ebay is probaby one of the best places to get used and old GC games.
    but yeah EB and Gamestop are great.
    but i go to a local buy,sell,trade store most of the time to get the GC games im looking for.

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    I'd of course sell you my collectors edition, but it means alot to me, my frist GCN game.

    I'd say those games would appeal to you, and if not, you can always sell them back to another game store, the internet, or a friend
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