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    Tony Hawk 4 Glitch

    If anybody owns Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 , you can get so many points that you freeze the game !
    First , you need to type in at cheatcodes , " watch_me_xplode " , then go to created park , it doesnt matter which created park you go to and have 2 PLAYERS and each be Jango Fett.
    Second , after your in the game at a created park , go to options , then cheatcodes , then turn on pretty much everything except sim mode , flame mode , kid mode , gorilla mode , disco mode.
    Third , exit options then go off a ramp , and then alot of tricks and then the 2nd player does Jango Fett Jumbo Jumppack and then you will double jump and get more air , and then repeat phase 3 until the game freezes , and then you will an error sound.
    F.Y.I , the point limit of the game is 500,000,000 (500 million).
    If this does not work , you might just need 1 regular gamecube controller and 1 wireless gamecube controller , and if this does not work I guess it only works with me and my cousin .
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    Eh, dude? Why would anyone want to freeze their Gamecube? By the way, does this work with other consoles like Playstation and XBox?

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