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    i kinda thought it was a failure too, but that did not stop me from getting it and playing the majority of my games on it.
    To me it was a success because i really enjoyed the games it provided for me, i am not a young gamer.
    id say it is better than the ps2 for a guy like me.


    (EDIT thought i might dig up this ancient thread because it still shows some value on opinions and it did not recieve that much attention.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AskAboutMe
    Im sorry to say but failure. It just was behind the Xbox, and PS2 due to a lack of Online Play, Behind in graphics, and Weak game titles...HOWEVER...My gamecube is still getting used...why u ask?...Resident Evil 4
    Actually i have to disagree with you the GC had better graphics than the both but Xbox was really close behind, So what if online play wasnt there? you dont need it. Weak game titles? you do know the worlds most popular characters are on the GC then it's the Sega
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