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    Quote Originally Posted by Wattle
    My last buy was Mario Sunshine but I rented a lot of games for my Game Cube, but I might go out and buy Custom Robo. I played it like 1 1/2 years ago and didn't beat it but I loved it... so, now I might go out and buy it to finish it and unlock everything...

    Damn, I really want to play it now.

    Oh yeah, I might also get Battalion Wars just to get used to it kind of until BW2 comes out on Wii.
    if you buy that game i will torment you untill you die that game is very repeative and no fun at all after you beat the short little story mode

    \i will kill you if you buy it
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    This may be a little off topic but did anyone else get/play 1080 avalanche? I absolutely loved it, defo in my top 5 GC games

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