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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodine View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ArceusLord View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodine View Post
    Wow I'm shoked nobody suggested THE best Gamecube game of all time. What a shame :/

    Anyway, its Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, but good luck finding it.
    i am shocked you can't spell 'shocked'.
    The sting on your post is a bit lessened by...

    A. That post was almost a year old.

    B. Your avatar is your ****ing puppy. Not much "owning" can be done in such circumstances.

    C. You're necroposting.

    With that out of the way, no more posting in this ancient thread. NOBODY. Against forum rules and all.
    A. Just contributing...
    B. Yes it is my puppy i see no problem with this...he is awesome and cute
    C. Sowwy?
    Have it your way...my favorite restaurant is burger king.
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