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    Gamecube action replay

    Just a question about the gamecube. I have a gamecube PAL and a action replay PAL, would I be able to play NTSC games on the gamecube?

    My action replay has a freeloader that say to be able to play USA and Japan games. My action replay is from year 2002. I never updated my action replay since my gamecube has no modern to connect to internet.

    I want to play the The legend of zelda four swords but I can't find it in any shop, in ebay most people in UK don't send it to Gibraltar and those that do cost like over 34.99 to 66.99.

    I saw in ebay.com the legend of zelda for cheap like $10.99 but I need to know if the action replay will work well with that game.


    What games would be good to import for the gamecube that didn't come out in europe?

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    An action reply just ruins the games!
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    Dont go mental for Four swords.
    Unless you have three mates come round with there GBA and Gamecube link cables. On your own its a bit rubbish
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