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    Guitar hero on WII


    One year and a half ago I bought a WII from USA, California. When I got back in Europe I realized that I cannot use European games on my console, so I kept on shipping games from ebay.com to Europe.

    Now I want to buy Guitar hero for WII, including accessories but the thing is the shipping for the games PLUS accessories is HUGE (more than the accessories themselves - note that I want guitar, drums, everything).

    I was thinking of buying the accessories from Europe, and the game from US - so the question is:

    WILL THIS SETUP WORK?? If I buy a certain version of accessories will I have to buy a certain version of the game?

    If you guys have a straight forward answer to this I would so much appreciate it!

    Please, no answers like: "dude, just mod your wii" or anything like that.


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