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    Wiimotes and Nunchuks still hard to find?

    Im wondering because I live in a little hick town outside Kingston Ontario, Only about 5 000 people live here but I've discovered a local store which always has what I need hangin on the wall, albiet for 5$ more than MSRP.

    I hunted through Kingston about 1.5 weeks ago for an entire day looking for wiimotes and came up empty handed, which is when I stumbled upon one hangin on the wall in the said shop. Now tonight I returned my Wii game rentals(For which apparently I'm the only one in town with a Wii, to their knowledge and my own) and I found a nunchuk and 2 classic controllers. Needless to say I grabbed the Nunchuk.

    I've heard a "rumour" that 1 Nunchuk is made for every 4 Wiimotes, how substantial is this?

    Are classic controllers rare aswell?
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    Well when I recently visited my local gamestop they had 4 nunchuck adons just sitting on the wall. I already have 2 sets of remotes so thats all I need.

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    Damn yanks moaning, go on ebay for god sake.
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