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Thread: Wii vs Xbox

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    Well id say that the wii isnt going to die off anytime soon. Looks like the PS3 will be the first to go down in a puddle of overpriced highly loss profit for sony. I really dont think the 360 will go anywhere nor will the wii. Its not about how much u think you know or which graphics card is the best, its about what you want to play... So i really find it funny and boring at times for all the comments about the 360 is better the wii is better the PS3 well i had to add it lol...anyway its a personal preference not a religon... Who cares really...just play ure 360 wii or god forbid the PS3 and be proud that you can do so...
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    my opinion on this is the 360 is an impressive consol for the price as it has some impressive hardware, the ps3 is an impressive consol but sony have tried to turn the ps3 into a multimedia system and have forgotten the main target is a games consol, im not saying this is a bad point as it is an exellent consol/multimedia system, just a little complex and overpriced, the graphics are superb though. On the other hand we have the nintendo wii. Some people who havn't looked into this consol will say the graphics are rubbish blah blah blah. It may not be possible for the graphics to be as good as the 360 or ps3 but if you take a closer look at games soon to be released you will be suprised. For example mario galaxy has superb graphics which will compete against the other systems with no problem. The control system does seem rather scary for some people but in my opinion this is how games will all be played in the future, one hell of a risk for nintendo but it is just brilliant.

    My conclusion to my post is the 360 and ps3 will produce very similar gameplay and graphics....... if you want a blue ray player get the ps3 but otherwise stick with the 360. On the other hand save money on both and get the wii which has one hell of a gameplay advantage over the other systems, it may lack the power of the ps3 and 360 but no doubt the graphics on this system are going to suprise a lot of people and thats why out of the 3 i chose the wii to be the best consol due to the fun factor, isn't that what gaming is all about, lets all stop thinking about hardware and how many gigs of storage space it will have and start remembering why we started playing games in the first place, i love the 360 and ps3 but only the wii reminded me of how fun games can be
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    Quote Originally Posted by lenitao
    they do not have anything special...
    Cheapest HD DVD player. (Bluray isn't winning so don't even start the argument with PS3's BluRay player)

    Graphics are 10x better then the Wii. That is something special

    thats just 2 things. Now i own both systems,

    and i don't see how ppl can start a thread. Wii VS Xbox.

    There 2 different systems. You can't compare them.
    Its Oranges and Apples. what do you like.

    Compare me a PS3 & an 360, then its no problem cuz sony blows.

    But the Wii puts fun back into gaming.
    Xbox, some games are hard yet fun, but to get up and look like a total moron with a wii-mote, its priceless.

    Again, 2 different systems, can't really be compared in my opinion, and i love both
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzai
    sony blows.
    Xbox 360 sucked pretty bad for its first 6 months. Sony has to go through everything Microsoft had to do.

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