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    What this Power Station all about

    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi

    Just been having a little browse on amazon and i come accross this 'Power Staion'. Just wanted to know what they exactly do, do i really need one, that sort of thing. So if someone would be so kind to enlighten me on this topic i would be deeply greatful.

    Another thing, (probably one for the people in UK) these 'Points Cards' is there anywhere you can get them for less than £14.99, everywhere seems to be that price.

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    I believe this power station is simply a power pack that goes into where the batteries for wi-more would go, then you place on a docking station and the power pack charges up then you use the wii-mote as it would have 2 normal batteries in

    As for the points being less then £14.99 I have not seen them anywhere lower then this price because they are nintendo "virtual" products only obtainable from nintendo so there are no 3rd party production and price is set from nintendo.

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    They will always be $20 or £14.99 because then you will save money...you get the same amount of points for the same price on the shop channel. It's just an alternate way to get points without registering your credit cards.

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