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    1. where do you get the wii online code or mii code? Go to the menu. Click the letter on the bottom right corner. When you get to the next page, click the icon that looks like a pen and paper. Then go to the address book and it will be on the first page.
    2.if he created a user name, can i make a new one? What do you mean by username? Wii Console nickname? If so go to the wii menu then click the 'Wii' icon on the bottom left hand side. Click Wii Settings, then Console Nickname.
    3. if he already registered it and i change the name to mine?
    4. what are all the connections on the top of the wii? because i havent got the box or instrutions from him yet. I think what you are talking about are the gamecube slots for gamecube controllers and memory card.
    5. good deal or not? the wii, extra numchuck and remote, 1gb memory card, redsteel, need for speed, zelda........for 4 Yep, that's a good deal.

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    good deal u should even give the guy a kiss that is a steal

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