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    Alternative motion sensing devices...Future gaming... is Nintendo reading this?

    I think that with the motion sensing we (them as in developers) should consider uping it a notch. Consider this if we had an action game, say like fighting or even action adventure's (like Zelda) e we could have "bracelets" on the ankles and wrists to detect kicking, running, body spinning etc... wouldnīt that make all so much more interesting???

    This canīt be that difficult to implement given the present state of things.

    Not to mention the physical benefits. Any thoughts ?! Comments.

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    if they had running you'd be running around your room and could see the screen. if you had tv-glasses then you would run into a tv etc. maby someday they will relese a matrix type thing where you think about running and you run. would be so cool.
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    problem with this idea is gamers would need alot more space infront of the TV. My Wii setup already feels cramped as is, I couldn't see being able to kick and spin in my room.
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