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Thread: Single player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateTheGreat

    Seriously, enough with the stealing. Just about every single console that ever exsisted took ideas from the console before and THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! As long as they don't flat out copy another console's controller down to the screws, they aren't copying.

    If console makers closed themselves up in their offices and just tried to come up with something new, we would still have 2D graphics, little or no audio, and a one joystick.

    What Sony did was not really copying, but instead trying to jump on the motion-sensing train so they can say they have it as one of the many features of the PS3. It's most likely going to be used in a few racers and one or two flying games and maybe if they're smart, a Katamari Damacy game, that's all. You're not going to see a port of Red Steel to PS3 because no one is going to want to swing their Dual-Shock 3 controller around like a maniac.

    Let's get over the fanboyism and get back to the subject, whatever it is.
    sorry if this turns out as a double post but nate whoever said that sony stole the idea of motion sensor stuff wasn't quite right (i probably said it too) if anyone researched it they will have found out that a ps1 game had a third party controller (although it plugged in) you could use to tilt your plane or turn your car i think the story is on IGN or YouTube

    Either way if anyone wants to talk about stealing it was probably nintendo that stole the tilting motions and just advanced it

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMCD
    i know this post will probably not relate to the last one but, MetroidZ nintendo might make a thing similar to the ps1, you can use 1 wii 2 controllers and 2 tvs and instead of a split screen (for something like racing games) you have a screen each so if you want to make it fun you turn the tv's in opposite directions ( i.e. back to back) and it means no cheating by looking at the other persons screen and seeing where they are
    i have seen it on many systems gamecube, ps2 and xbox, i dunno how to do it.

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