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    SVideo Cables for Wii

    Some of you may have seen my earlier post asking why my brand new S-Video Cable doesnt transmit info to my Plasma.
    Well i have some info which may help you guys from being caught in the future.

    Sorry for late reply ,
    We found S-video Compatible problem between Pal Version Wii and Some TV / LCDTV the singal not stable .
    1, Please try to tune the PAL TV setting to 50hz or 60hz .
    2, Try to change the TV setting from Pal to PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM or NTSC .
    3, We not suggest exchange the new cable . cause this not a cable problem .
    If you not mind we can refund .

    Hope this helps you guys who want to run it via s-video for control via a AV amp or similar

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