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Thread: Future Channels

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    Quote Originally Posted by iWii
    you want all those channels but you smash on the Ps3 for being to much like a PC
    Mmm, gross generalisations... my favourite kind...

    But back to channel talk.
    A music channel is only good if it can still play music while in another channel. I mean who just wants to listen to music and not do anything? So channel interoperability (for lack of a better word) is what I'm after.

    And I want a "channel in channel" feature. Say you're playing a game, and you get stuck, so you hit home, click on "channel in channel", choose the internet channel, and then hit home to go back to the game. Down in the bottom right (or whatever corner) is a small partly see-through box with the internet channel loaded. Move your pointer over the box, click it, it automatically pauses the game and brings up the internet channel. You can then surf to the guide of your choice, find the part you need, go back to the game, and then go back to the guide when you need to.

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    Yeah, that would sound nice, though both ideas are somewhat similar. Better Channel navigation and more options.

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