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    If you are impatient and looking for a Wii and you start thinking about getting a 360, you must not really want a Wii that bad. I've been so patient about getting my Wii that its worth it all in the end. You should stick with the Wii in my opinion. But, thats just me.

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    I have the older xbox and have played the 360 regularly, the graphics are good as stated but for an all round play id go with the wii. I bought one for my son and stay on it as much as he does. Keep in mind that the wii plays all gamecube games without any adjustments. The 360 will only play a select older xbox games. The wii is still to new to compare it to the 360 online play, its coming for sure but if u wanna play online now...the 360 is what u want, im sure in a few months ppl will be playing online with the wii. But its all up to you. Look at it this way, we all here are only a drop in the bucket, if the wii wasnt as good as its stated, you could find one all over the place. So far they still are very very very scarce. Hope you choose the one you like, its not about the console, its about what you will be happy with !!

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    I have both systems.

    Pros - Wii
    Gets your a$$ of the couch.
    Puts the FUN in gaming
    Most games, you don't have to be an engineer to play. there FUN
    Most ppl that don't enjoy games, will play the Wii. (say you wanna play with your G/F, and she wont play games, well she wont let you play after she starts on bowling.....well that was my problem)

    Pros - 360
    More mature games. Rainbow Six, Gears of War, Saints Row.
    ONLINE PLAY - in all if you love online gaming, this takes the cake, even over the PS3.
    Enjoy the Graphics? 720p-1080i

    Conclusion: If you like/love online gaming, i suggest the 360. You wanna play games by your self that are fun or with others, get a Wii with Rayman and have fun trowing a cow in the air or trowing super bunnie. lol
    My Wii

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    i prefer the wii first because one of my favorite series is in there,zelda.
    it actually change way games are played.
    it has one of the best developers in the world(nintendo)
    does not have halo,but has metroid prime 3.
    does not have gears of war but has zelda twilight princes.
    you can actually play all gamecube library,not some games like the 360.
    you can browse the internet.
    you have the virtual console wich expands the library of games each monday.
    you can play videos,mp3's too.
    does not have 720p,1080i(yet) but 480p is not that bad for now.(a quick upgrade can do it(regular xbox could output 1080i,so wii can too.
    does not have a hard drive(for now) but have 512mb flash memory,and a sd card slot.

    fully wi fi compatible.

    hope this helps.
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