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    Connection to the internet please help :D

    Before i start i do know that there is other threads on this.

    I want to access the Nitendo Wii Internet shop but i have a few problems
    when i click on "Wii shop Channel" heres what comes up:

    Wii Shop Channel

    Shop for virtual Console Games
    New Wii Channels

    You must configure your Internet settings to see this channel

    It gives me 2 options:
    1) Wii menu
    2) Enter Settings

    When i go to "Enter settings" heres what comes up:
    Connection Settings
    Console information

    The console information will be listed below

    when i go to Connection Settings it gives me 3 connections so i click on the first one and it asks me
    "Wireless Connection"
    "wired Connection"
    i choose wireless connection because i am on a wireless connection
    then i click "search for an access point" put it comes up "None found" or something like that.

    but my internet connection works all over the house because we have a laptop even outside on the trampoline it works.

    so whats wrong?
    below here are the details

    My Wireless Network Connection: BTVOYAGER2091-8F
    Speed: 54Mbps
    Single Strength: the majority of the time its Excellent
    Wireless ASDL Router

    My MAC address is

    *i try to give you the most information i can and if you want any more information i will try and get it but i can't promise anything*

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    If you post in the correct forum, there are many knowlgedable people who will probably have the answers: http://www.wiichat.com/nintendo-wii-hardware/

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