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    I look at the Wii sales and go "WOW", considering it has sold more in it's first month than the 360 did (just barely, but it did)!
    Three reasons you should play Wii:

    *Wii immerses you in games like never before

    *Wii graphics are nice, controls are perfect

    *Come on, be honest, you need to lose a few pounds

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    It's long but please read it
    First of all Nintendo sells 3 millions Wii in less than 3 months without online , Mario, Metroid, Brain training games, Pokemon and SuperSmash.And it's not available everywhere

    Nintendo sells 3.8 million New Super Mario DS in 7 months & Nintendo sells millions of Brain train games,
    Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for the DS sold over 1 million copies per game during the first few hours it went on sale. and now sold over 4.3 million copies in Japan only. and don't forget Metroid what will happen if these games com to Wii?
    Increase the sales of the Wii.
    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection gets over 260,000 daily users (www.joystic.com)
    Nintendo's wifi gaming service looks to be doing well according to a Revogaming report. From the article: "Launched last November, the Nintendo WiFi Connection service, which offers free online multiplayer for a host of Nintendo DS games, has amassed over a million unique users in less than four months. The service's no-charge business plan and easy-to-use interface has propelled its' success, which could well surpass Microsoft's own Xbox Live service in its userbase." and this number just for the DS

    What will happen if the online comes to the Wii? Same answer
    Do you think the sales will slow in the future (I don't think so)
    Don't forget SuperSmash, Resident Evil, Battalion Wars 2, Mario Party 8, Final fantasy, Dragon quest, Medal of honor, Fire Emblem and SSX Blur Etc.

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