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Thread: Piracy Next Gen

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    Quote Originally Posted by nintendo lover
    Yeah, I bought a emulator, it was really cheap so I could play ps games on pc but the problem was that it could not save the games so i sold the emulators and the games I have.
    u can download perfectly good emulators, for free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m7ticalm
    yeah, piracy sucks if u are dedicated to buying a console u should atleast support it by buying the game and i dont think piracy will work cause i reckon that for the wii, every disc will have its own unique key, so if it is duplicated, 2 games can not be run by 2 different wii's in the world. Thats my theory, it would be pretty good if they did that cause it would be easy aswel cause of the wiiconnect 24.
    but you burn ps2 games from video shops and sell games for $5 each? What are you on about you burn and copy games all the time! you liar!

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