This is a mail i would like people to read... I sent it yesterday to gonintendo but I didnt receive at least a reply... so maybe people here will read.

First of all, my english is far from perfect, and Spanish is my native
language, so if I make any mistakes in this mail, please forgive me.

I write this mail so you know (and maybe other people) what Latin
American players have to do and pay to play console games.

I recently bought my nintendo wii, and am very happy with it. It is an
american version, so the wii comes with english, french, and spanish
settings. This is great for my family, as all of them speak spanish,
but just me and my sister know english (I have 2 sisters and a
brother). Sadly enough, all the games that get here (Chile, in my
case) come in english, so Wii Sports is in english. This is sad
enough, as Spain get their games translated. Nintendo doesnt take
Latin America as a different zone, where players talk and read Spanish
and Portuguese. So far my brother knows how to play just because I
have to tell him what buttons to click on. Same goes for my mum and
dad and my little sister.

As we get games directly from the US, aside from the language problem,
we get the price issue. The import cost seems to be extremly high,
even for nintendo point cards. If they cost USD$20, here they cost
CLP$20000, around USD$40, 200% the price it should be! Same goes for
the console (I paid around USD$500) and the controls (USD$120, where
they should be $60, wiimote+nunchuck). The funny thing is, we are able
to buy nintendo points with a credit card through the store channel,
paying the corresponding USD$20.

This whole trend of prices goes to the other consoles too. You can
find a PS3 here from USD$1200 to USD$1800. Games for the nintendo wii
cost USD$80. The Xbox360 Core cost the same as a nintendo wii
(USD$500), and the games for it cost from USD$70 to USD$90.

The whole world knows Latin America is far from being as USA or
Europe, and the money isnt much. The people who speak english i think
is around 10% of the population. No wonder consoles sell so abdly

Why not do some translations locally? This would lower the costs of
the games, as they would be translated and printed here, thus making
the exportation to different places in latin america cheaper (Cheaper
from say, Brasil or Mexico, than the US). We need cheaper prices to
actually buy stuff. Open up a nintendo factory in latin america, make
it a different zone from north america... Understand we dont speak
english, and we dont have 2 times the money people in the US have. Would this be a good idea?

Well, thats about it. Just letting you know.