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Thread: I sold my wii!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowElliot
    Look, a USED wii and sold to a woman for 550 DOLLARS.
    -_- Nvm, if he wants the money, let him be a Sony fan instead
    Why does it suddenly mean he's never allowed to buy a wii again? A wii costs $250, he just made $550...

    It's not as if he'll never be able to buy one again (when his type of games start coming out again) + get some additional games.

    Besides, even if he never decides to buy the Wii again, so what? He owned it for a month, only saw one game on the console that he liked, beat it, then sold the whole package off at double the retail. What's so wrong about it? If he regrets selling the wii he can just pick it casually off the shelf in a few months with profit money still in hand, or he can invest it into something else that he actually enjoys. You make it sound as if he just sold his soul. I mean, I guess he did if he bought a PS3, but you don't know that!
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    My first wii was faulty, broke down within 4 days. So i sold my replacment but i wasnt lookin for a massive amount of profit. I made about $80 dollar profit. NOw i have a xbox 360 with some amazin games, played rainbow six yesterday for probably 8+ hours. NOt done that kind of gaming session in a long time.

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