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    I like how cheap the Wii is and think its a small price to pay for having to switch AV socket every now and again, I have no problems with their being 2 versions i guess, also chances are colours will come out at same time. Then people who havent got their Wii yet get a colour DVD playing Wii :o

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    I seriously wouldnt pay any extra money for a dvd player or colour, If i didnt have a wii and i had the choice of (A) Buying a White Wii with no DVD playback or (B) Buying a colour one with dvd playback. I would much rather save the extra money for controllers or games. Considering i love the white wii and i already have like 4+ dvd players.
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    My brother has a ps2 in his room. He can watch DVD's in there. It saves him buying a DVD player. But he doesn't NEED to watch DVD's in his room. I would prefer he didn't. He falls asleep to them - at 3am in the morning I wake up to the DVD's opening music, or something I can just hear it playing over and over again. But, its good for him to have a DVD player in his console. It does save some room, I suppose. But, for some reason not all DVD's can play on his ps2. So he steals the proper dvd players. Which annoys me greatly.

    But a DVD player in the Wii doesn't really matter. Mine is the House of TV's. I think I can handle one that doesn't have a dvd player in it. Although - I wish my parents would hurry up and replace the broken dvd player. They are using mine currently, which means I have a TV in my room with nothing connected. I could put the Wii in, but my room gets way to hot in the middle of summer.

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