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    to let everyone know. tomorrow is a really big day for those who
    dont have their hands on a Wii yet. so far, from speaking to some
    csr of CircuitCity, GameStop, and Target, they will have Wii's in
    stocktomorrow. I found this out 3 days ago, called in again today
    to look for some wiimotes and reassured that tomorrow will have
    Wii's and wiimotes in stock.

    Not a lot of people know this and the workers are dicks because
    I saw a father asking a teenage worker, of Target, if they will
    have any in stock; he bluntly said no and that he does not know
    when they will be comming in.

    I have seen these same types of employees calling up their friends
    and letting them know what is readily available and not giving a
    chance for others who try really hard to get their hands on a
    game system. but if you follow the tips on this board, you will surely
    get one eventually though. how i got mine was by checking in the middle
    of the week, middle of the day where shipments usually comes in
    and i was lucky enough to get a hold of one.

    anyways, enough ranting from me, good luck to you all tomorrow.

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    you can find wii here http://wiicheaper.com

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