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    Gamecube Controllers

    Yes, I know, this topic has been brought up many times. BUT I am asking it in a different way, so please refrain from flaming me for not using the search function.

    So, it seems as though some Wii games, all GC games, and some Virtual Console games will indeed support Gamecube Controllers. It has also come to my attention that the Wii will also support a select few 3rd party gamecube controllers, namely, the Wavebird. Any word on any other compatable 3rd party controllers? Is the Wavebird the only one? Anyone willing to test a few?

    How about the MadCatz MicroCon? Or any others?

    EDIT: lol, yeah I knew the wavebird was made by nintendo

    On a side note: Can anyone verify for me what exactly this does? http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=802615
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    The Wavebird isnt a 3rd party controller, nintendo makes it.

    The wii essentially just turns into a gamecube when you play a gamecube game, no emulation. So any third party controller you've used with your gamecube should work with the wii. I have 2 Wavebirds and a MadCatz controller and they all work fine on the wii.
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