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Well, The Reason I Think Its Crappy Is Because The Buttons Are All... Etchy...

All I Did Was Take A Picture Of A WiimoteAnd Put A Picture Of Pit, Cut Out The Buttons, Erase Everything(Like the almost invisible white in the wiimot) Just Inside The Contours Of It... Pasted The Pit( that sounds funny ) Erased The Visble Parts On The Outside, And Put The Buttons On... Oh Before You Put The Buttons On, Erase The "Invisible: Whites Around The Buttons...

There You Go! Your Own Crappy Wiimote Tutorial!
That's MSPaint for you...

I actually recreated the whole remote from scratch... but your way seems easier.

I saved the file as a .JPG file to save on space... it looks slightly better as a .BMP file.

Here is an example: