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Thread: Free Firefox Browser For Wii User's

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    Firefox or Opera are great...

    I don't care if its firefox or opera, the fact that there is more software being made available by third parties and Nintendo is allowing it do be downloaded is a very positive sign for the support of this little console.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cannon View Post
    im doubting this is real why would people pay for an opera browser when you could get firefox for free.
    what planet have you been living on?
    i do not know a single person on earth who has PAID for browser!
    maybe you were ripped off?
    further more firefox is a community browser,which is why they work closely with Ubuntu ( a linux like operating system that will soon give windows a run for their money. abd its totally free ,as opposed to the almost 100 that new windows OS's cost in the UK)
    community browsers are made by us,for us, and are always free.
    time to enter the 21st century mate!

    the main point i suppose is that at last,like any up to date means of accessing internet,even on phones, we can install any type of browser to personalize or system,and content.
    this is a positive thing,and means we can enjoy big corporate entertainment and so on,and yet,support community made products that dont make profit as such, also continuing the long history which in law is known as "common,or natural everyday common sense law.
    rather than legality, which is law made for and by big business.

    opera,and firefox,and to an extent commodo helpus very much to not create our own way of doing things rather than explorers prescibed way of doing things.
    why let others make uptheir mind for you,therefore weakening your own initiative,when we can do it ourselves.
    thanks to nintendo for allowing 3rd party stuff at last.
    good on them. for,to disallow this freedom,they also disallow themselves from it.

    oh, firefox for wii?
    where do i get one?gimmy gimmy gimmy
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