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    Sd Card/ Phot Shop Channel Help

    ok ok im very coonfused. i bought a $40 memory SD card. Now i want to get pictures adn muci onto my wii using it. Now, is there a port for the SD card on a windows computer hardd drive? what can i ut my SD card into? I ahve a razor phone and no digital cmaera and a windows computer.

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    to get pics from your SD card to the computer you need a USB cable for the digital camera or the razr (or bluetooth device if you want to get all high-tech) and plug it in to the designated USB slots on the side of your computer.


    to bypass all that, get an SD card reader. i have one that was like 20$ at my local compUSA. they have readers for virtually EVERY type of memory card. i have a plain old SD one.

    anyways, once you plug the device in windows should recognize it (unless you have drivers preinstalled for the software) and you can put whatever you want on the card like SOME movies that can play on the wii, pics, and music

    then when youre done transfering, you put the SD card -or anything smaller than can use an SD card adapter (like a microSD)- into the nintendo wii. Theres a little opening/slot to put it in and view your pics on the photoshop

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