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    couple more wii motes and chucks... sonic, then i think im gonna pick up the 360 again mess with that being on an odd shift and im going outta state for a month or so for work so dont have time to play with the family much...ill be by myself so while im stranded in a hotel and not working i think i do some 360 time...

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    Just bought Splinter Cell and Red Steel.

    My next games-to-be-released-and-bought-soon would be:
    Medal Of Honor

    My next games-to-be-released-and-bought-in-ages would be:
    Super Mario Galaxy
    The Legend Of Zelda: bla bla bla
    Driver (not certain unless I read good reviews)
    No More Heroes (not certain unless I read good reviews)

    Nyko Charge Station
    1 Wiimote
    1 Nunchuk

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