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    Quote Originally Posted by GhOsT55
    So your saying that your not taking any time out of your day to take 10 minutes to post something from your Wii browser?
    Not really. I mean, I was just killing time, but at least my time killage doesn't come across as obsessive or hostile. Besides which, I find that the only people who seek to inform others that they "have no life" are really more or less worshipers of rich white spoiled SoCal Kids who believe that we should all emulate the people on TV and truly have hatred in our hearts for anyone who dares to act or think "out of line."
    There is more behind this mask besides flesh; there's an idea, Mr. Cready, and ideas are bulletproof.

    -The Terrorist Codename V, Alan Moore, (V for Vendetta)

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    I always use my Wii to post here.

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