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oh i know that, i was just explaining to you the char, ive watched like 3 episodes, one where naruto tries to teach this kid the art of sexy justo? or something where you can transform into someone, second was when they were tied up to poles then 2 of them got down and got food but they werent allowed to give it to naruto but they did, third one was the story about the nine tailed fox spirit inside naruto...this one and the sexy justo one might be the same episode though,..i dont know but i get to annoyed of his voice and how he says:BELIEVE IT!
Thats the Kyuubi Naruto there is 3 different ones in one game dont remember which one :/ oh yea it's one but it's a hidden char the three Naruto char are:
Naruto(Normal)Every Episode
Naruto(Kyuubi/Nine Tail Demon Fox)Used in various Episode
Naruto(seven color Chakra)Used in the first Movie at the end