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    The reason why they haven't released the release date is because they havent finished many of these games!!

    See I made it my own! RELIGION *whoosh* wow a 50 page thread bout how there beliefs are right and you are all wrong wow. Oh do want to be different rep! even if I don't help it seems to happen a lot here

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    learn how to spell *sure*

    it's not *shure*

    there's no *h*

    please.....then repost

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    Quote Originally Posted by LyricistSoldier

    Did i ever say that the game store sites are for shure cast in stone dates? NO. But all anyone needs is those, ballpark, will it matter if it comes out June 15th or the 22nd? No. But its close enough for anyones... "wondering" purposes.

    There was just a thread on here how noobs have to stop using those dates. We're not talking ballpark here. If you asked EB 2 months ago, "When does Mario Galaxy, SSBB and Metroid come out?" They would have said March, March and April. Now they will November, June, and June. And, on the post before that one you actually think you know when online gameplay is coming out? Give me a ballpark so we can see if its right.

    Nintendo traditionally is very quiet and lots of game delays. Nintendo should release something fast because I beat Zelda and thats the only great game so far.

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