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Thread: one question!

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    one question!

    ok well i know this is in the wrong section but im never gonna get any responses if i put it in the GameCube section.

    so ive been really into Metroid Prime 2 Echoes lately, and ive gotten almost everything, i have 100% items but total after the final bosses i have 99% scan, however i know what the final thing scan is, Vigilance Class Turret, if you cant recognize it by the name, its the big gun that you get to use on a couple occasions and it shoots those giant green plasma bomb like things. if you dont know what it is and would like to see it you can find it in Agon Wastes, Central Mining Station. there also in the Entrance to Sanctuary Fortress.

    Well the problem is i cant scan it without there being a space pirate using it. and i remember at the beginning there was at one point a space pirate in it...if i remember correctly.

    but now that ive basically finished the game, and im no longer necessary to do anything in Agon Wastes, Will/is there a possible way that there will ever be a space pirate in one of these turrets again??

    i have 99% scans and it will really suck if there is no way i can get that scan ever again without having to start a completly new file.
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