That controller is a fake made by IGN as someone else said. IGN also made a gun like controller which actually is a lot like Nintendo's.

I don't have any problem with no HDTV, I don't know one person who has it at this time, I only know a few with widescreen TV's. HD is going to be years off before everyone has it, I would say 2011 at least.

I heard that the Wii can be used by USB adapter, I think that it should be able to be used via USB Dial-up somehow. Where I live there is no Broadband, and Ive been told that as of now their wont be for a couple of years.

Red Steel not having blood is fine with me, as long as it is a good game. I do realize that it would help with the marketing to kids, but most hard-core gamers don't really care. Its not the hard-core that are going to say ooo its kiddy or its not mature enough, its the kids (Not you guys of course) that play GTA and spend hours just wiping out people in the streets (I have done this before actually).

On difficulty I think almost all current games are too easy. We recently played some old SNES titles the other day and got our asses handed to us by Lion King, Super Star Wars, and a few others.