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    i traded in about 5 360 games and got $130... at $60 a piece that's $300, so that's about 45% less... of course i also have a edge card that gets me 10% more
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    Yeah, I just got about $30 for my Mario Kart 64 on Ebay the other day. More than enough to cover the $10 for the needed 1000 points it cost me to buy it back on the virtual console. Greedy Nintendo, still rubs me raw I have to pay twice for games I already owned.

    As for my other gamess, two other N64 Star Wars games I had only sold for .99 plus about $4 for shipping. More than I expected to get for them from Gamestop or Gamecrazy. I also got about $11 and $7 for Zelda Ocarina of Time and GoldenEye 007 respectively, plus the $4 shipping for each.

    Middle of this week, I'll start an auction for my console (plus three controllers, rumble pack, memory expansion card) and between 3-4 remaining games. I'll be happy if the whole bundle pulls in $40-50 total.

    Ebay name is (jeremy_n_trista) for anyone who is interested.


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