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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono
    except the ps4 will be out.

    it will have a 200 giga-bit processor
    4 billion gig of ram
    100 built in blue ray players
    1 standard dvd player
    2 controller ports
    a standard dual shock 3 controller with a dual shock 4 logo stuck on it
    10 n.a.s.a industrial sized exhaust fans to cool the 'system'
    and wiegh approx 67 tonne

    and Electronics Boutique will sell it for the special price of $999,000
    $998,900 if you trade in 10 of each previous console, 20 controllers and 3000 games in the non-exclusion list.

    (sorry to all those ps3 fan boys, it's not an attack it's just somthing to have shits and giggles about, and somthing to write so i'm not bored shitless)
    yes it will habe i heard 102 blue ray,. and 23 hddvd and then it was 6.5553 billion gigs of ram,

    source..my dad works for nintendo
    iMac 2.4ghz Aluminum, 4GB iPhone, 12 iPods!

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    in the philippines there is a new system brewing thats a bit like the wii, im not sure what its called, but ill let you know asap, it doesn't have anygames, except some thing like wii sports. it costs about /P/10,000!! a lil to much for a working filipino.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark OTVII
    We dont' cotton to the colored kinds 'round here, son.
    post has been already made fun of in that wayyy

    Everything in this signature except for this text was made by Wiired, he is my creator and almighty.

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