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    did you notice the most recent question is do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? thats obviously targeted at their online players. they want to know when we will be playing most, because some people will be brushing their teeth at that time : ) im just messin wit yall, im pretty sure everybody votes is just some stupid thing to keep us on the wii until they get some better games...oh and they should make a thing that sends you a message when a new virtual console game is available, i hate constantly looking on there and forgeting if its new or has been on wii shop, you know what i mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nic7
    Did anyone notice that last recent question on the everybody votes channel?

    It asked what color do you prefer more, red or blue?

    Blue one something like 65% to 35% in my region.

    But i was just wondering if we finnaly are seeing nintendo sneak in some questions regarding the wii. Like, maybe that question was to decide the next wiimote color or wii color.

    I dont know, just a thought...

    i asked that question.. lol

    "What color do you prefer more, red or blue?"... -_-

    then i predicted blue.. because many GUYS play this and they love blue..

    is that true??
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    ^ thats no coincidence that there IS FATE! well actually yea its a coincidence. Kinda funny one too.

    Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That away, when you criticize them, you're a mile way and you have their shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nilsk123
    Actualy, they DO have the abality to kill modchips. If they'd just give a very high amount of power to the points on the motherboard where the chips are soldered it would letteraly frie them. They could just sneak this in in a software update.
    if you paid attention my point wasnt weather they could do it or not... its the fact that you dont need to download something for them to do it... mearly have your wii connected to the net... they know how to access your wii once your online.. they wouldnt need you to download something just to change a chip... i doubt they would fry a chip.. they would just send a new program to it to lock it to a region again...

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