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    modding is really gay, ive gained my hatred for modders via Halo 2 lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by chr_mar
    Nintendo has made billions over the years so **** them. Why do some of you people care so much about not ripping off billion dollar companies, trust me they dont care and can easily afford it. I one the other hand cannot afford all the games i would love to own and modding is the answer.
    I'm all for modding, piracy, and getting anything for free without getting caught. To add to all this selfishness, I also understand how much money Ninty loses from piracy, yet I don't acknowledge it. You say they "can easily afford it". Sure, they can easily afford a few pirates. Maybe a few more. Then add more and more and more. Then things get rough financially wise. They're losing out on game sales. What if every gamer suddenly turned to piracy? It will most likely never happen but think about it. The more people that turn to piracy, the less money Nintendo makes, and, eventually, they'll be driven straight into bankruptcy. And yes, I plan on eventually modding my Wii. -_- '

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    no doubt someone will be made an example of in the near future

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