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Thread: Ebay steal

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    i think it was fraud. i mean... cmon now... no feedback? sure, pickup is available, but the chances of anyone living near snellville, georgia is not likely... and they may have put the "pickup" option to make it look legit.

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    harleytaz7 just got ripped off.
    1. The seller has only existed for less than 30 days and this is their 1st transaction.
    2. The games alone would sell for between $30-$40 ($40 x 13 = $520). The games don't exist, I guarantee.
    3. eBay states on the page "This item is not covered by buyer protection on eBay" wich is equivalent to "We aint responsible if you're dumb enough to buy this!"

    And to add to the insult of getting nothing, he will pay $75 to get the nothing not shipped to his house!
    ALWAYS look for someone with many transactions and near perfect feedback.

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    There are photo's on the auction page of all the games. The only real error I noticed personally was that he listed DBZ BT2 as DBZ BT3. So unless he's from the future, where the Wii and Games cost $10 each, then the buyer just got a great deal.
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