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    Aussies! Can you confirm this?


    It's a cool thread showing the Wii dominating! Anyone who lives in Austraila, please go to Toys R Us and ask what the pre-order numbers are please! We need to see if this is true!!

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    Toys R Us is too far away from me. Although I have read similar threads from fellow Aussies in my endless search for Wii info. One in particular was a guy who went into Toys'R Us to pre-order both the Wii and ps3, and the shopkeeper tried to talk him out of buying it, "You know it's 1000 bucks" (look of shock on the clerks face). When he placed his name in the book he realised he was the first to pre-order the ps3, where as their were roughly 30 pre-orders for the Wii.
    Also, the staff in EBGames and Gamewizards tend to me more enthusiastic when discussing the Wii.

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