Trying to be the nice guy

Listen man, Sovieto said it. Get it, got it, good. I'm glad u understand Gamecube 2, fresh and original, I agree At least u liked the gc, i'm happy, wut I don't understand is how u can possibly like the gc and any of the other consoles more than the Wii. I mean it's humanly impossible

No matter wut the size of ur hands, the wiimote isn't going to cramp them or wutever u think it's going to do. Wut it is is innovation, u know...that thing that keeps gamers interested in playing games, the reason we r on this forum.

Sry if u like cold-hearted machines w/ no innovation besides nice looks, that's y there's sony Jk, Sony is a good company, but Nintendo beats both Sony and Microsoft in the gaming area.

Nintendo devotes all their effort into gaming are, while Sony/Microsoft don't put as much heart into it, honestly I think they're more concentrated on making money rather than making their customers happy.