Well according to gamepro, nintendo couldnt make any big announcements.
[UPDATE] Astute reader edforsale points out that the lack of any announcements on the part of Nintendo is the direct result of a gag order placed upon the company so as not to significantly alter the price of its stock.

News reports from Bloomberg indicate Nintendo's desire to decrease the price of its stock and increase the number of shares available to the general public. So, instead of initiating a stock-split (as is the custom with most public companies), it requested that the Japanese government sell off all of its shares in the company.

As a result of the impending securities trade, all Nintendo executives were recently placed on a temporary gag order that would prevent them from revealing any information regarding "forward-looking" titles. Failure to uphold this gag order could potentially cause the stock to fluctuate, thereby greatly influencing the efficacy of the sale. Thanks, edforsale.