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    Hey Jakobthelyre, it's me Ketico. Don't worry, I've read that information before. It's not official until Nintendo says so. Remember the Graphical prowess that gamecube was able to deliver. Now mutiply that by 2 and you have even better graphics. Considering the Wii may only be 2 times more powerful than gamecube. Nintendo will WOW you to say the least. Trust me on that.

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    oh dear god, praise jesus! its someone out of the 12 idiots that posted, soemone comes forth with a straitforward answer!

    thank you, your my new best friend.

    i did get a little worried when i came across that information, because i think it might be possible for soemone to test out the wii and bring up results. these seemed pretty believable.

    yeah well thank you very much

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