My GC game ratings

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 10.0 (get it. best game I have ever played)
Super Smash bros. Melee: 9.5
Mario Party 6&7: 9.0
Mario Party 5: 8.0
Super Mario Sunshine: 8.5 (fun but not the best Mario game. Very different)
Mario Kart: Double Dash!: 7.5 (too easy to me)
Super Mario Strikers: 8.5
Mario Superstar Baseball: 9.0 (best baseball game made)
Metroid Prime 2: 9.0 (very fun, although heread that the first is better)
Luigi's Mansion: 7.5 (really not a great game, but decent)
Pikmin: 9.0 (a very fun, yet very wierd game)
Animal Crossing: 9.25 (couldn't deside. A fun and very very addicting game)

Well I have more games but can't think of them now.

Hope this list helps!