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    ok i'ma little lost? Mii channel, can you chat with other Mii's via Wiiconnect 24?

    i'm been seeing all of these "friend codes" and at first I didnt know what they are, but I gues they have something to do with the mii's.. so does this mean you can chat on your wii?
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    ok, heres the scoop

    first, use the search funtion. its a great and necessary tool

    second, you know what miis are and how to make them right? well basically the friends codes are there so you can trade miis and send "mii-mail" back and forth to one another.

    so for instance, lets say i add you to my wii. i have a bunch of mii characters and you dont really have any since you just made yourself and just purchased the wii.

    i then add you in the addressbook, wait for you to add me and once that is set, i can send you my collection of miis. you can only do this if the person is in your address book (IE friends code)

    so basically that is the only form of chat right now

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    Thanks Jill.
    yobryan listen to her advise. Use the search function before you ask questions, because the likelihood of it being already answered is fairly large.
    You are new to this forum, and it is necessary that you learn to not to flame people who try to help you.

    PM me if you need anything...
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