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    Quote Originally Posted by Transfixed
    So listen here, and help me with this if anyone can.
    I have a 40 inch LCD tv with 720p capabilities.
    Whilst playing Zelda: TP, the graphics looked pretty nice with the copmposite cables, but there was significant blur, and overall "shadowiness", and I couldn't tell if that was how the game was just supposed to look or not.
    THEN I got the component cables from Nintendo, and the picture is MUCH cleaner, crisper and "high-definition", so it's definitely not intended to be blurry at all....
    HOWEVER: There is one significant drawback, atleast as far as I can tell.
    Yes, it's clearer and crisper, but now, the resolution lines are MUCH more noticeable. Whenever theres fog or smoke or anything similar, it is obviously made up of horizontal lines which, while thin, are kind of annoying because they seem to stand out so much! So it took all the blur, which obscured the resolution lines, and made it crisp and sharp, which REVEALED the resolution.
    So I wonder, it this because the game is being output in 480p, while my TV is 720p?!? so the games resolution cant quite "fill up the TV"?
    That's the way it seems, but it's frustrating, because Redsteel doesn't seem to have the lines, atleast not nearly as noticeable as Zelda, but Zelda has better graphics....FTWFT?!
    Help me people, I can't be the only one who's niticed these damn lines.
    Likely cause is Zelda is not a "fully compliant 480p" title and component cables are "brining out the jaggy's" on your shiny HDTV one suggestion try turning your sharpness controls down on your TV set while playing the game. you shouldn't need to blur it too much just enough to "smooth" out the jaggy's

    Even though you find the Zelda graphics are better than Red Steel's that does not mean that Zelda is higher resolution than Red Steel.

    just like another post here in these forums

    a crappy movie in HD is still a crappy movie! this also applies to games.

    Red Steel may be running better resolution and been rendered better than Zelda but the designers paid more attention to certain details in Zelda that may have been ignored in Red Steel that contribute to your opinion in graphic quality.

    Personally I think the two games are not even comparable in terms of graphics

    Zelda is very cartoonish in appearance and still looks great (although on my HDTV it too is a bit burry with the included cables havent gotten component yet)

    Red Steel Looks like its trying to look a bit more "photo realistic" in its artisic approach I think the graphics are pretty decent too, not my style but in stills look pretty darn good.

    even though you may
    Zelda: Twighlight Princess should come with a life time supply of AA Batteries for the Wii Remote !

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    Wii + HDTV

    I don't think the Wii will necessarily look like crap on your HDTV, but it depends on two things:

    1. Your connection between the Wii and the TV
    2. Your TV

    First and most important is the connection you use. I believe the Wii comes with a composite cable (two audio and one video channel, red/white/yellow). Using these cables, the Wii probably won't look any better than standard definition TV. However, you can buy a set of component cables (three video channels, YPbPr, plus two audio channels). This connection is capable of carrying the full 480p data stream from the Wii. This is step one...

    Next, if your TV is newer, it should upscale the 480p signal quite well to it's native display (720p, 768p, or 1080p).

    Now, it won't look like the Xbox or PS3 HD output, but the Wii is more about the experience of gameplay rather than output resolution.

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    you need to get a specail cable for hdtv's read that some where i think that there like 30 bucks not sure where though
    Google is your friend

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