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    Wii Release Date?

    OK Guys i think teh release date is going to be on october 24 for various reasions! Joking! No, this is about WHERE we will hear the Wii release date? I maen, sure all us wii junkies will go online to find out, but thats for wii junkies, gamestops and stuff will advertise, but thats still for gamers! thats why I think MTV will have all the info the conference day, the 360 release date was given at MTV i believe, got it a lot of advertisment! so it would be smart for Wii to do the same thing! theres a contest right now
    it shows mtv is supporting nintendo. so does this lead to a release date give on MTV? this will give it a lot of publicity! What do you guys think??

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    yeah in australia im sure it will be in some mtv show like some crappy news update thing aussie with foxtel will know what im talking about anywhoo yeah what im wondering is if the wii will get into the news about the release i know the 360 did i just want to here sandra sully saying "wii" i shall giglge to myself for a while

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