This is how I got my Wii and many of my friends and family got their Wii. I hate to see people on this site keep going to wait in line, buy off Ebay, etc.

Use this website.

I know everyone has seen it, but follow the simple instructions to set up the RSS feed reader. It takes about 5 minutes to set up.

Using Klipfolio RSS feed reader I found CC selling the Wii in a bundle with an extra wiimote and nunchuk (which I was going to buy anyway). Set it up at work or any computer you sit at. As soon as one goes on sale buy it. Ignore the package deals if you don't want them. Using this RSS feed I know of 4 people that got Wiis with little or no bundle. One from Sears, I got it from CC. It also helps if you have other folks do this same thing and then call each other's cell if they go on sale. I hope someone can use this to get themselves a Wii.