I just ordered a Wii, and I already have a samsung htq72 home theater system and optoma hd70 projector at home.

My htq72 has hdmi output, I tried using a hdmi cable connect htq72 with hd70 and i found the hdq72 adjust the image size automatically, and the quality is too bad compared connecting to hd70 from my laptop using a vga cable

So now with Wii, I want to connect Wii to hd70 projector with component cable, but I found the audio out from the component cable is too short for htq72 receiver AUX audio in. My receiver has 2 AUX in, 1 Optical in, 1 component out, 1 S-video out, 1 HDMI out. The projector has 1 component in , 1 VGA in, 1 HDMI in.

My projector is at the back of the room and receiver is at the front, there are about 3 meters in between, and I will put Wii near receiver.

So what cable do I need to send video signal to my projector and audio signal to my receiver.