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    wii to have own mail adress?

    maybe this information on the japanese site will hint at the wii having its own e-mail adress @wii.com? well the sit ein japanese is translated via googles web page translator the translation isnt the best but it states

    "The Wii message board which turns on the power of Wii, can access directly from the top menu is one of the windows of WiiConnect24.

    As the message board which can be used inside home of course, portable telephone the family which is outside, and it can exchange the mail the communication functional other things where it is possible to send message and the photograph with the Wii user, being linked with the calendar, a certain day suddenly, message reaches from the software and/or for example ('how hit the event opening guide and the like of the forest'), the new item and additional map and so on are sent, it does also the information transmission service which it is related with the software."

    able to send pictures from your phone to wii and vice versa?, also have people send you messages form other wii users? i thought this was interesting

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